About Us

Our Humble Beginning...

We were founded in 2009 with a simple goal in mind: To provide affordable and knowledgable WordPress web-hosting services to anyone who wants to start a blog. Perhaps it was due to our personalized approach, along the way we became close friends with many clients who we found were leading a double life! During the day they were a stay-at-home mom and come the night they were an avid blogger documenting the bits and pieces of their daily lives. Till today we still remain true to the philosophy that we founded this company with, because to us Twenty70 represents not just a company, but a family.


Our Name's Origin

As anyone who has used WordPress before would know, "Twenty70" is a play on the names of WordPress's default themes. Why "70"? We get that pretty often. The truth is we don't know either. Maybe it was because it simply rolled off the tongue, or maybe it was because it contained some of our favourite numbers. All we knew then was we were really passionate and we wanted to start a company pronto!